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Cure to My Psychosis (Hinata x Reader)
Yo, it yah boi, the Soulless Ginger. Anyways this one’s a request from Triborg501. Well, T-501, I hope you enjoy this and I hope more of you make some request. ‘Cause after this, my request box is empty. Anyways let’s get onto the read. ^-^
*Hinata’s PoV*
As Hinata walked through Konohagakure, she wished Naruto would at least look at her but he’s always following Sakura. She watched as he continuously taunted Sasuke. Why? Why couldn’t he love her? It was almost enough to drive her insane. Almost. Hinata had to keep her head.
She walked away to join her team for training and met up with Kiba and Shino. The two waved to her and she returned the gesture. Kiba ran over with Akamaru atop the boy’s head.
“Hah, have you been spying on Naruto again? You’re so weird!” he said while giving her noogie.
Hinata ducked her head. “Kiba, stop, that hurts.” He stopped and
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Mature content
Criminal Love(Neo X CrimeBossReader) :iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 11 15
Written Execution - (Fem!Light/Misa x Reader)

Alright so this is a request for RevDavid13. Go check out his page for some other good #ReaderInserts. If there’s something you want to read, check out my RequestPage and leave a comment.  If this one peaks your interest, smack that Favorite button like a sir. I hope you enjoy this piece.
This all started when a small black book fell from the sky.
(y/n) hadn’t cared about much: his parents moved them to Japan, so his social life left back in the States. Not that he had many friends to begin with; being the loner would do that to a person.
But he would rather be alone than with people. Most people that wanted to be with him were ignorant of even basic knowledge.(y/n) wished there was someone that supplied him with some kind of challenge. He walked down
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 8 21
Mature content
Dear God Why!? Chpt 3 - Finale :iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 7 10
Mature content
Dear God Why!? Chpt 2 :iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 6 9
Mature content
Dear God Why!? Chpt 1 :iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 11 15
Rewriting the Code (MaleReader x Lucy and Nana)
This will take place a few years after the event of the anime, so Lucy hasn’t returned to Kamakura and Nana should be older. The reader is does have access to plasmids(or vigors if you’re more into the Infinite game and DLC’s) and this takes part after Bioshock 2.
Third Person
Rapture, the city under the sea, was finally dying. After spending weeks inside the submersed metal structure, Jack, has finally escape the twisted and highly demented reach of Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine. But the illegitimate son of the late entrepreneur wasn’t the only one though.
(y/n), a young boy had been given to an orphanage at a young age and was adopted by Brigid Tenenbaum. She raised him, taught him how to read and write, even showed him the research she’d been doing before the events Rapture’s civil war and downfall of the underwater city. This had of course been after the events of Jack Ryan&
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 8 20
River and Hills(No Color) :iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 0 0
In Your Sights - Shino Asada X M!Reader
Thanks to dragonslayerman6 for this idea. Go check out his page for more readerinserts.
(y/n) was in the middle of a BoB, or Bullet of Bullets for any of you non-gamers, observing the field. Luckily, he was able to find a decent sniper’s nest and his studded coat provided a chameleon effect. (y/n) took his RSASS sniper rifle from the case, flipped down the bipod, and placed his optic-enhancing sunglasses over his (e/n) colored eyes. Usually, there wouldn’t be such an item in the game but they were an item drop for an event quest. Something about defeating a rogue mercenary that never missed a shot. He wasn’t a hard target to take down and the reward on top of the item drop was outstanding: 1500 credits. That amount was enough to buy (y/n)’s swag jacket.
Right now there was a hit out on a top ranking player: Sinon, the Sniper. The (h/)haired teen really wanted to up his stats but with her taking ev
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 11 17
Predator - The Hunter's Mate pt2
“...” is English
is Yautja
Sheila’s PoV
As I watch (y/n) set the coordinates, I take in his boyish yet determined features and let out an elated sigh. He’s mine, all mine. Before we left, Mother told me he was ready to be welcomed into the pride. I’m so thrilled for him. (y/n) finishes his task and walks over to the dining area. He sits down at the table and a drink dispenser drops down from the ceiling. He takes a vitamin fluid from it and pushes it back into its compartment.
“We should be back on Earth in.” he pauses and then continues. “three, two, one. Aaaand we’re here.” we exit lightspeed and Earth comes into view.
I look out the blast-shields and see the planet’s majorly water covered surface.
I stand and walk over to the controls.
I pilot the craft down to a extensive lake and land it beneath the water, hiding it from radar scans. We activate our rebreathers and
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 7 32
Stealth Build and Dragonbone Dagger :iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 2 4 avp - a little one :iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 3 0
(Cheater Weiss X M!Reader) Skater Boi
(AN - this is a regular world AU. So there's no combat schools and no Grimm.)
Hey, my name’s (y/n), (y/n) (l/n). I’m what you would call...a certifiable bad-ass. Or at least I like to think I am. Actually, I’m more of a thug, a skate punk if you will. I’m not really good at anything except for pulling off near impossible tricks on my board and writing music. I haven’t really wrote anything impressive but I’m working on it. Especial this piece for my girl.
He was a boy, she was a girl. Can I make it anymore obvious? He was a punk
As I skate through Vale, I began hanging posters and tagging the walls. I didn’t really have a group I hung out with but this girl I had a crush on was in with the popular crowd. I tried getting her​ attention but I guess I wasn’t her type. Figures. I’d probably have to talk to her at some point but when would I ever get to do that.
Oh, you want to know her name? She’s pretty well kno
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 8 9
(Sally x M!Reader) Rekindled pt2
So after my shower and bath, I head out to my dirt bike and climb on it. Stephanie’s ghost hides in the bike itself, kinda like she was possessing it but she didn’t take control from me. At least we can still take our rides together, even if I’m technically​ riding her, hashtag no necro.
Anyways, Ms. Williams lives in a little house at the edge of town, the same one since I was last here, about fourteen years. I shut off the motor, put down the kickstand, and walk towards the door. I raise my hand to knock on the door but pause.
“Go on, knock. Why aren’t you knocking? Did you forget how to knock?”
“Stephanie, shut up, I’m just preparing myself for the worst. Remember, I don’t have the best track record with entering houses.” I say and then knock on the door.
There’s noise on the other side and then the oak door opens inward. Ms Williams looks over the chain.
“Oh, little (y/n),  you’re all grown up.
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 8 4
(Seras x M!Reader) The Police Girl's Hound pt2
(y/n)’s PoV
“(y/n), could you get me some more tea?”
And that would be Sir Integra again. Lately, she’s been more active. Like this morning, I heard she challenged another soldier to a duel. I think about the past week while I make Sir Integra’s Earl Grey. It sure has been a quite a blast. Seras is always keeping me in line, scaring the hell outta me whenever she can. And then there’s Alucard; that trench coat wearing sonuvabitch keeps phasing through the walls and telling me to “make a move already.”
“So, the hound playing fetch for the master, how quaint. Hmhmhm.”
While I’m reminiscing over the week, the No Lifeoo King himself decides to pay me another visit. His normal, ‘don’t give a shit’ demeanor is replaced by one of...amusement? When have I ever heard him laugh, he’s always so serious.
“Yes, I am. Now I need to get this tea up
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 10 12
AGK - Esdeath X M!Reader - On the Rocks pt2
A few months after leaving Night Raid, the rebellion sent spies to find (y/n)’s location. They couldn’t even pick up a trail. Little did they know, the (h/c) haired mercenary had been keeping tabs with his old military contacts. And with the sudden stop in flow of money, he had to go back to taking any contracts he could find. (y/n) didn’t like being a contract killer, he still doesn’t. But it pays the bills and puts food on the table. A year or two had passed and the rebels called off the search, assuming their once temporary ally had passed.
Yet (y/n) still lived, and had a family: a wife and a kid, a little girl. They gave him hope for the future, a future free from war and tyranny. His happiness didn’t last long though, his past caught up with him. He had been out on a job when the rebels found his home in a backwoods town. The people were executed for harboring a known traitor and his family tortured for information on (y/n)’s whereabouts. Not a
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 7 6


Amber x Male reader! True love never dies.
Hello everyone! :D
This is my 600 watcher special! I can't thank you all enough for the support you have given me...
7 months ago... I wouldn't have imagined that I would've made it this far... And now I feel so blessed to have all of you supporting and reading my work...
Words can't really describe how I truly feel about all of you... You are all so amazing! :D :D :D
Alright! Now that my eyes are done sweating... Let's get on with it! :D
ONTO THE READ! :D     (this is kinda long FYI)
(BTW, this is taking place 1 year before team RWBY and friends come to Beacon)
(y/n): Wha?
You looked at your scroll from your bed.
*8:50 AM*
(y/n): Shit shit shit!
You jump out of your bed, and realize the rest of your team isn't there.
(y/n): Figures the dickheads would leave me here to miss the big day! They must've turned my alarm c
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 67 101
Cinder :iconcslucaris:CSLucaris 767 55
Heart of the Beast (CocoxWerewolfReader) P3
You were in class with your teammates, and were taking notes. You were trying to focus on the work but you couldn't the feeling of anxiety to go away.
Tonight was a full moon, and there were so many people in the school, it would be a massacre.
When the bell rang you packed up your stuff and you quickly left.
Cole: "What's going on man? You look spooked."
(Y/N): "Tonight's a full moon. I gotta find some way to keep myself from changing. Because I don't think they're gonna have a cage for me."
Cole: "Don't worry man. You've been at this for your whole life. You'll find a way."
(You only transform when the full moons light touches your skin.)
You left and quickly went to your dorm skipping lunch. You went into your bag and got some chains out.
(Y/N): "I'm not gonna take any chances."
You were setting up the chains on your bed to restrain you when you you heard a knock on the door.
You opened it to see it was Coco.
Coco: "Hey Y/N! Why didn't you come down to lunch?"
(Y/N): "Tonight
:iconvantal:Vantal 17 14
Stare... :iconshieldbreaker18:ShieldBreaker18 8 9 Pouty Ice Cream :iconcslucaris:CSLucaris 571 42
The Black Rose Ch. 8
Ch8 – My First Date
Pyrrha’s POV
“You look beautiful Pyrrha,” Nora said as she looked at me. In the dress that (f/n) sent me.
“Thanks,” I said. I was positive that I was blushing. There was a knock on the door. Nora walked to the door and open it a little. “Hey (f/n).” Nora said cheerful as always.
(F/n) was here? I was so nervous, this is my first date. I couldn’t believe I was going on a date. It was even harder to believe that it was with a womanizer. It did kind of anger me, that tomorrow him and Nora would be going on a date.
“Hi Nora, is she ready?” I heard (F/n) asked. Oh, was I ready? I didn’t feel ready.
“Of course, I’ve been working all day. We even skipped class.”
“Yeah because you love going to class,” (f/n) said, I could almost hear him rolling his eyes.
“Hey we had combat class today,” Nora said.
“Oh, then yeah I get why skipping class migh
:iconblazinglunarwolf:BlazingLunarWolf 20 9
Flustered Ice Cream :iconcslucaris:CSLucaris 513 27 Neo and Ruby :iconkatyaham:KatyaHam 81 12 Pudding Slime :iconnine-tailed-fox:Nine-Tailed-Fox 63 15 pet :iconndgd:NDGD 348 38 RWBY - Raven Roast 2017 pt. 2 :iconlightning-in-my-hand:Lightning-in-my-Hand 144 34 Animal I Have Become :iconriiko96:Riiko96 65 36 Take Me Over [SFM] :iconbossveteran:BossVeteran 4 4 Rwby: Atlas Noir :iconomnipotrent:Omnipotrent 56 14 Bioshock infinite Elizabeth :iconibenz009:ibenz009 141 9 Hotd saeko :iconibenz009:ibenz009 45 2


522 deviations

Untitled Drawing by SoulSuckingGinger

Yo, it yah boi, the Soulless Ginger. Anyways this one’s a request from Triborg501. Well, T-501, I hope you enjoy this and I hope more of you make some request. ‘Cause after this, my request box is empty. Anyways let’s get onto the read. ^-^


*Hinata’s PoV*

As Hinata walked through Konohagakure, she wished Naruto would at least look at her but he’s always following Sakura. She watched as he continuously taunted Sasuke. Why? Why couldn’t he love her? It was almost enough to drive her insane. Almost. Hinata had to keep her head.

She walked away to join her team for training and met up with Kiba and Shino. The two waved to her and she returned the gesture. Kiba ran over with Akamaru atop the boy’s head.

“Hah, have you been spying on Naruto again? You’re so weird!” he said while giving her noogie.

Hinata ducked her head. “Kiba, stop, that hurts.” He stopped and she rubbed her head.

Kiba laughed. “Hinata, you need to get over Naruto. He likes Sakura, not you.”

She knew Kiba was right, but it was hard to accept. “I know, I know. But I still like him.”

“Well enough of this, Sensei’s gonna show us something amazing. We’re going on a trip to the asylum. We get to observe an interrogation.”

Shino collected his beetles. “This should be interesting, I heard there’s a mental patient with immense power.” Kiba nodded in agreement.

While they were talking, Kurenai-Sensei dropped in front of them. “Alright, team, let’s get going. And everyone be careful, this patient has a tendency to escape.”



After arriving at the town’s asylum, a teen with brown haired and grey eyes was brought in. He had on a black straight jacket and mouth guard. He was wheeled in on a gurney and seated in front of Kurenai-Sensei and the members of Team 8.

“Hahahaha, well if it isn’t Kurenai Yuhi. How are you today?”

Kurenai-Sensei sat in the chair in front of the teen. “Hello again, (y/n). I’m doing fine. And you?”

And I’m fine. I see you brought an audience this go around.”

Kurenai-Sensei smiled. “Stubborn as always. How are you feeling today? Anything new?”

“Well my latest escape attempt was foiled. And I’ve been thinking about the outside world again. I’ve been hearing voices telling me stuff. You know, the usually.”

As Kurenai-Sensei wrote down what (y/n) said, he noticed the quiet, shy girl standing behind her teacher. (y/n) moved so he could see her better. “Hey, Kurenai, who’s the girl?”

Kurenai looked up. “Oh that’s Hinata Hyuga of the Hyuga Clan. She’s kinda shy. Team 8, this is my adopted son, (y/n).”

The kid with a dog stepped closer and raised an eyebrow. “Kurenai-Sensei, I didn’t know you had a kid. Hey, I’m Kiba and this is Akamaru. So (y/n), what did you do to end up in here?”

(y/n) averted his eyes to the ground. “(y/n) doesn’t like talking about that. Stop asking questions, boy.”

Kiba backed up. “Kurenai-sensei, what’s up with this guy? It’s like he switched personalities.”

(y/n) closed himself off and Kurenai sighed. “When (y/n) was a baby, he was left on my doorstep. We don’t know who his parents are, but he had this strange birthmark sprawled across his chest, like a chubby weasel or something. Even for a baby, he was unnaturally strong and almost completely immune to damage.

He grew up as a violent child, I thought it was under control. Until he killed an entire village, there were no survivors.” As she was talking (y/n) was mumbling unintelligibly.

Hinata spoke up. “B-but why d-does he talk to himself.”

“After the. . . incident, (y/n)’s mind was broken, and to cope with what he’d done, he created another identity. This one calls himself Isigaia. This personality is the source of (y/n)’s insanity.”

“I’m not the source, I’m his guardian. He didn’t make me because of what he did, he made me because he needed someone when you abandoned him.”

Kurenai-Sensei sighed. “And I apologize for that, but it either put you in here or execute you. Which would you have prefered.”

“I would’ve rather died than be stuck in here. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve seen daylight? Eight years, eight long years. That’s why I escape. I’d be okay with a couple hours every day is all I ask.”

A vein popped out on Kurenai’s forehead. “And you would receive such treatment but your repeated escape attempts are what keep you in here. Stop being such an ass and maybe they’ll let you walk around for a bit.”

(y/n) laughed. “Ohhh, did I touch a nerve?”

After cooling off, Kurenai stood up. “Thank you for agreeing to see me today but we need to get going. I love you, son.”

(y/n) turned his head away. “Whatever, I only did this for some intelligent conversation. And quit calling me son.”


Kurenai and Team 8 left the asylum, though one member in particular wanted to stay behind and talk with the psychotic ninja. Hinata still had interest in Naruto, yet this new person was intriguing. His sanity was questionable but he had a kind face, one that showed compassion for others.

While they were walking, shouting rang out throughout the village. Someone had escaped from the asylum. Kurenai swore. “Dammit (y/n), you never learn. Team, go home, stay safe.”

The three turned to run to their houses when a (h/c) haired teen landed in front of them. “Hey, Hinata, I saw you watching me. If you ever just want to talk, stop by the asylum. I’m always available.”

In the background, a few shinobi were chasing after (y/n). “Hey! Get back here! The Hokage wants to talk to you!”

“Well, that’s my cue. I’ll be waiting for our next meeting.” he said before running away and away from the shinobi. Halfway down the street, he fell and couldn’t get up because of the straight-jacket.

Kurenai just shook her head. “Dammit (y/n) you’re such a troublemaker.”


After catching up with (y/n) the shinobi took him to the administrative office of the Hokage. Tsunade was waiting for him there. To make sure (y/n) didn’t attack her or try to escape again, he was bound to the chair.

Tsunade reclined in her swivel chair. “So you’ve managed to escape yet again. This time from a high security cell.”

(y/n) smirked. “Well if you would let me out every once in awhile, I wouldn’t have to.”

“That’ why I wanted to see you, to discuss your release. The orderlies have old me that besides your elusive nature, you’ve been a model patient. As long as you remain with Kurenai, you’ll be allowed to leave the asylum.”

(y/n) let his head fall back. “Finally, some freedom. What made you change your mind?”

“Your behavior, it’s different than the other patients. You’re a gentle person, the people you attacked had plans to attack Konohagakure. It’s like someone told you what was coming, and you were only eight.

Also, if the village were to come under attack, we need someone like you to be ready. Imagine what you could do with some training.”

“So when do I get to leave?” (y/n) asked the Hokage.

Tsunade leaned back in her chair again. “I’ve already sent for Kurenai, she’ll be both your mentor and warden. You’ll leave when she arrives.”

A few minutes passed and there was a knock on the door. “You called for me, Fifth Hok-” Kurenai paused when she saw (y/n) tied to a chair. “(y/n)? What’re you doing here?”

(y/n) scoffed. “What? You think just because I’m in the Hokage’s office that I did something? Ye of little faith.”

Tsunade cleared her throat. “Ahem, back to the topic at hand. Kurenai, (y/n) has been scheduled for release; the only prerequisite is that he be watched over by you. Does this sound agreeable?”

Kurenai’s face lit up. “You mean he’d be able to come home?”

“Yes, he’s been a model patient. He’s well behaved and his escape attempts, minus that of today” she paused to look at (y/n), who shrugs, “have become few and far in between. All you have to do is agree with the terms.”

Tsunade explained the terms for (y/n)’s release and Kurenai agreed. The Hokage called in an orderly to release (y/n) from the jacket but he untied himself and shortened the length of the sleeves, turning it into a regular jacket. Everyone in the room was surprised by the sudden and sporadic movement, and they all questioned where he got the kunai to perform said task.

Then the adopted son and mother walked back to her home in town.

“(y/n), I know the last time we said some things but I want to move past that. I still see you as my son.”

(y/n) sighed. “I’m sorry I said that. You’re nothing if not kind and I essentially said you were dead to me. I’d gladly call you my mother again.

But right now, I’d like to know more about that girl you brought with you to the asylum, she was nice.”

Kurenai smiled. “You mean Hinata. She’s a sweet, quiet person. If you’re interested, you’ll meet her again this evening. And while you do that, there’s something I have to do.”

(y/n) smiled. “I’d like that, she’s really cute.” He walked around the house, re-associating himself with his old home.


Later that night, (y/n) officially met Team 8.

Kiba clapped (y/n) on the back. “So I guess you’re gonna be part of our team from now on; glad to have ya.”

“Yes, welcome to the team, (y/n). I’m Shino Aburame.”

(y/n) stuck his hand out to Shino but the cloaked teen remained in the same position as before.(y/n) withdrew his hand.

Hinata tapped on his back. “H-hi, I-I’m Hinata. B-but y-you alr-ready met me.”

(y/n) smiled and bowed. “It’s a pleasure to actually meet you, Hinata. I’m sorry if Isigaia scared you.”

Hinata shook her head. “N-no, yo- I m-mean he d-didn’t scare me.”

(y/n) laughed. “Good, that’d be a bad thing to. Isigaia lives off fear, it wouldn’t do to have my teammates fearing me.”

After (y/n) got associated with the team, Kurenai put her hand on his shoulder.

“(y/n), in celebration of your freedom, I got you a gift.” she said while holding a one handed war axe. “I remember you liked war axes so I had the village’s blacksmith make this for you. What do you think?”

He picked up the weapon, gave it a few test swings, and then promptly threw it at a wooden post. “I like it, very sharp.” he said as he retrieved the axe.

Another shout rang out through the village, although this one signified an attack. (y/n)’s usual innocent smile changed into a maniacal grin. “And now I get to test its durability. (y/n) thanks you for the gift, Kurenai-sama, but apologizes for having to dirty its blade.”

“So I assume I’m talking to Isigaia then?” she enquired.

(y/n) nodded. “Yes, but enough talk. It’s time to make good on my end of the deal.” He disappeared and shouts rang out through the village again, only this time they were ended in screams of agony.

(y/n) reappeared in front of team 8; left arm hanging limply and his right arm still holding his axe. “My job here is done, but I’m so tired now.” He stepped forward, stumbled, and fell.

Hinata jumped forward and caught (y/n) in her arms. “(y/n)-senpai! You need to get to the hospital. Here, let me help you.”

(y/n) looked up at her. “Hey, your stutter’s gone. Maybe I should get hurt more often.” he was able to say before passing out.


At the hospital, the doctors found a paralyzing toxin flowing through his veins. He stayed comatose for eight days. Kurenai was incredibly worried for (y/n)’s health. Hinata refused to leave his side, training to make herself stronger each day and sleeping the night next to his bed each night each.

When (y/n) woke the next morning, he was met with Hinata holding his hand. He smiled and lightly squeezed her hand. She woke up and groggily rubbed her eyes.

“(y/n)-senpai, you’re awake! I’ll go get Kurenai-sensei and the doctors.” She tried to get up but (y/n) held onto her hand.

He smiled and spoke slowly. “D-don’t go, j-just stay here. I don’t want to be alone. you can lay next to me, if you want to.”

“O-o-okay.” Hinata said as she climbed onto the hospital bed. She laid next to (y/n) and snuggled against him. “You’re so warm, (y/n)-senpai.”

The two laid there for a bit until Kurenai walked in. “Hinata, is (y/n) aw-”

Both (y/n) and Hinata woke up again. (y/n) put is good hand up defensively. “Mom! I promise, it’s not what it looks like!”

Kurenai smiled gracefully. “Really, it looks like a girl lying next to a wounded youth in order to comfort him.”

(y/n) looked confused. “Well um. . . but I. . . I guess it is what it looks like. Thank you for not jumping to conclusions. Um, can you give me and Hinata a minute?”

She nodded and waved as she walked out the door. “Sure, I’ll be outside.”

Hinata moved and sat on the edge of the bed. “Wh-wh-what d-did you w-w-want to talk ab-bout?”

(y/n) turned on his bed and gasped in pain, torquing the scarred wound on his side. “Hinata, I think I love you.”

She took his abrupt statement rather well. If not for his wound, she would’ve jumped onto him. “(y/n) senpai, I love you too!” she said before leaning forward and kissing him on the lips.

At first, (y/n) was surprised by Hinata's action, but then he sank into the kiss. They parted and (y/n) held her close.

“No matter what the cost, no matter what happens, I will protect you with my life. That is my nindo!”


Alright that was my last request for now. I hope you all enjoyed it cause damn was it hard to write. I haven't watched Naruto in ages, not since Shippuden was still new on Toonami(That tells you how old I am ^_^). I won't be taking any for a while as there's some older stuff I'd like to finish up or add onto. Until  next time, this is Souls wishing you the best.
Cure to My Psychosis (Hinata x Reader)
Hey, just wanted to thank everyone for watching my page and everyone who put in a request. Some where a little harder to write but I managed. Sorry if this no sucks.
Yo, waht ahp mah peeples? This is Souls wishing y'all a Happy Easter.

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899 by SoulSuckingGinger

‘Sup y’all, it’s me with another request; this one’s from Phantomraccoon. I hope everyone will start sending stuff to my request page. Well, I hope y’all enjoy this RWBY one-shot and hit me up with a favorite.


*(y/n)’s PoV

Sitting behind his desk at Junior’s Club, (y/n) Torchwick began sorting through a stack of death threats; not that any of the mattered, with influence like his. But with Roman standing over his shoulder, (y/n) was getting really aggravated. Roman, his cousin, was an annoying little shit. Older by a year, Roman continuously mocked and abused his junior’s newfound influence.

(y/n) slammed his fists on the table and spoke. “Roman, the only reason I don’t kick your ass is because Pops said not to, but he’s not here anymore. Now if you don’t back off my progress I cannot protect you from the Twins.”

As if on cue, the white clad Melanie and the red dressed Militia stood behind the (h/c) haired male and in front of his redheaded cousin.  (y/n) returned to the paperwork on the mahogany desk.

“Now, go talk to Junior like a good boy before I kick your ass myself.”

“Fine.” Roman said as he walked towards the door. Upon reaching the exit, he looked over his shoulder. “Taking Uncle Fenris’ place has changed you. I miss hanging out with the old (y/n).”

(y/n) let his hands fall from the desk and hang by his sides. He laid his head on the desk. “Mel, Mil. Will you assist him, you know Junior’s got a lousy temper.”

“Sure thing.” Melanie started.

“It’s not like we have anything else better to do.” finished Militia.

(y/n) smiled at the Twins’ similar yet countering personalities. He picked his head up off his father’s desk and rubbed his eyes. As much as he hated admitting it, Roman was right. Fenris Torchwick, (y/n)’s father and Roman’s uncle, was a very powerful businessman.

And an even more powerful crime lord. He and Roman’s father were in league together running heist after heist.Right until a colleague of theirs had sabotaged their last one and turned them in. The family business, both illegal and legitimate, had tanked. The patrons retracted all funding and no one would touch the company. So taking up Fenris’ mantel wasn’t an easy task.

But it was one that had to be done. The only part that was still functional was this bar, and that’s only because Fenris signed the deed over to the Xiong’s. Junior changed the name and assumed ownership, but gave full control of its transactions to (y/n), as it was the younger male’s birthright.

A few minutes later, the aesthetic owner walked into the office. “Aye, (y/n), that cousin of yours just left. He’s taken some of the guys with him. But lucky for you, he’s leaving little Neo behind.”

(y/n) turned around just as Junior stepped back through the door.

Stepping past the black haired bartender, the tri-colored girl smiled and waved to (y/n). She and him were good friends, and every time Neo saw him, her heart fluttered.

“Hey, Neopolitan, Roman pullin’ another dust robbery?”

She pulled out her scroll, typed rapidly, and held it out. “Yes, and he left me behind again. can you believe that!?”

“You know what he’s like. Been doin’ okay?”

Neo walked over and sat on (y/n)’s lap. “(y/n), nothing ever changes. Robbery, evasion, robbery, evasion. Roman’s at least got help this time. I’m just glad I get to spend time with you.” She kissed the tip of (y/n)’s nose.

(y/n)’s face reddened immediately but he returned the act and kissed Neo’s cheek. “I like spending time with you too. A break from all this.”

The two sat there and enjoyed each other’s company. It felt nice for (y/n) to see the smaller girl, who snuggled up against his torso and made cute, happy noises. (y/n) ran his hand through her ice cream colored hair.

“Hey, do you want to go out? I’m getting kinda restless here in the office.”

Neo looked up at (y/n) and made the cutest, happy noise he’d ever heard. She started typing furiously on her scroll and held it up. “Yes! Yes please!”

She hopped off (y/n)’s lap and tried pulling him out of the room. She failed and fell. (y/n) laughed and helped her up. Neo shot him a glare and typed some more. “You dimwit, quit laughing at me!”

(y/n) picked her up and held her to himself. “C’mon, don’t be like that. You’re just so damn cute.”

Neo blushed as (y/n) set her on the lounger. (y/n) himself got ready to go. He strapped on the dual shoulder holsters for his twin pistols, Diamond and Spade, over his black and silver striped vest. The pistols themselves were his father’s final gift before being executed.

After that, (y/n) grabbed his fedora and car keys. Neo took to his side and they walked out of the office. “Hey, Junior. Watch over the place for me, I’ll be out for a while.”

Junior finished serving a customer. “Sure thing, boss-man. You want me to close up as well?”

(y/n) laughed. “Boss-man? Nah, I’m just (y/n). And sure, I won’t be back to later.” He and Neo walked out.


After picking a fancy restaurant, and a quick ride in his ‘67 Impala to said restaurant, (y/n) helped Neo out of the passenger side and handed the keys to a valet, making sure light shined off the reflective black metal of Spade.

“Lose or hurt my baby and I’ll end your pathetic excuse of a life.” he threatened.

The valet swallowed sharply, climbed into the Impala, and drove the car to the parking garage. Neo smiled as she clung to (y/n)’s side like a snake to a heating rock. The duo walked into the restaurant and (y/n) signaled to the waiter. He ordered for them both and they ate.

Soon after their meal, (y/n) drove them to an overlook. They laid against the windshield, (y/n) with his arm around Neo’s shoulders and Neo with her head on (y/n)’s chest, just looking at the stars.

“Hey, Neo, I want you to know something.”

Neo pulled out her scroll and started typing. “What’s that, cutie?”

“Well, we’ve been going out for a while and I wanted you to know that I love you.”

Though taken aback, she started typing again. “You love me? When did this start?”

(y/n) inhaled. “Shortly after our first date, you know, the one at the ice cream shoppe.”

Neo smiled and kissed (y/n) on the lips. (y/n) was taken aback this time but soon returned the embrace passionately. Then they parted and Neo started typing again.

“I love you too. It’s too bad Roman’s always pulling us apart, jealous bastard.”

(y/n) snorted and his signature barrel laugh rang out. “He’s always been like that. But then again. . .” He cupped Neo’s cheek and looked her in the eye. “So have I.”

The expression on her face was priceless. (y/n) laughed again and pulled her in for a kiss.


After the Fall of Beacon, Vale was in shambles. (y/n) had a little trouble finding Neo but eventually he did. No one found Roman’s body till it was too late. And many of the bodyguards that worked at Junior’s were at the Vytal Festival when shit went down and weren’t able to make it out.

(y/n), Neo, Junior, the Twins, and the surviving bodyguards were all that remained of Junior’s Club & Bar. They had a small memorial for their fallen friends and co-workers. (y/n) even said a few words.

“They weren’t the brightest bunch, and Roman was by the Maidens no saint, but they will not have died in vain. We all lost someone today: friends, family, brothers in arms. Their memory will live on with all of us.”

After the ceremony was brought to a close, everyone met back up at the club. It was in pretty bad shape, but not as much as Neo. Losing Roman really did a number on the petite woman. She stayed with (y/n) since she had nowhere else to go.

~~A Few Months Later~~

*Neo’s PoV*

“Hun, could you c’mere for a sec!”

Neo heard from the bathroom while she held something in her hand. Her other hand covered her mouth as she let out little excited noises. (y/n) must have been close because not even a few seconds passed before there was a knock on the door.

“Neo, babe? You okay in there?" he asked through the door.

Neo removed her hand from her mouth and used morse code. “I’m fine, I just got some good news. I’ll tell you in a second.”

She exited the bathroom and when met with (y/n)’s shirtless body after working on repairing the Club, she wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug, regardless of the layer of sweat covering him.

“(y/n), I’m pregnant.” she sighed happily. The grin that grew across (y/n)’s face could not get any bigger.

He picked Neo up and swung her in a circle. “Neo that’s amazing news.” he said as he set her down and ran to the window. “Hey guys, I’m gonna be a father! I’m king of the world!”

Neo smiled and put a hand on her stomach. I know you’re gonna be the best dad ever, our child’ll grow up happy.

I hope you all enjoyed this. If you did, visit my Request Page and leave something in the comment section. Until next time, Souls out

Criminal Love(Neo X CrimeBossReader)
Hey, what's up guy? This is a request from Phantomraccoon. Hope you all enjoy this bit, it was pretty fun to write
Okay, so I've been thinking about this for a while and I just remembered the thought, but I have seen any readerinserts with the girl from MeMeMe! I mean with how popular it was I was sure there'd be something.

Honestly, I'd read it. Which would you guys want more: Hannah or Dark Hannah
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Okay, so I've been thinking about this for a while and I just remembered the thought, but I have seen any readerinserts with the girl from MeMeMe! I mean with how popular it was I was sure there'd be something.

Honestly, I'd read it. Which would you guys want more: Hannah or Dark Hannah
embedded_item1492259614555 by SoulSuckingGinger


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